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Your advisor for plastic packaging for cosmetic- and cleaning products for many years. Doing business with FABA means an exclusive access to leading European producers of bottles, jerrycans, closures, cosmetic jars, tubes and dispensers.

A wide selection of standard packaging from 15 millilitre up to 30 litre in different kinds of plastic is at your disposal. At the same time we also have an answer for enquiries regarding customized articles. Thanks to internal model- and toolmaking we can transfer your idea very quickly into concrete results. Herewith you can react speedy to all kind of trends on your market. Through direct technical and commercial contact with our producers you also will be able to control the costs.

In our menu “standard packaging”, “cosmetic jars” and “jerrycans” we will show you a few of our articles, “closures” will give an impression about our collection caps and triggersprayers, while “links” will give access to some of our producers. In “photoalbum” you can take a look into various results of our work. If you fill in your contact details and query under “contact”, we will get back to you soon.

Are you looking for an innovative company for solid and accurate packaging advise, we are your partner